Staff & Board Videos

Short videos to get your church staff or board talking about Millennials and ministry to multiple generations

Recently, one executive pastor friend said to me, “It would be really helpful if you made short videos about how to reach and keep Millennials and how to deal with multiple generations. That way pastors could show them to their church staff or board to get them talking about what they could do.”

7 minutes and 3 questions

I thought it was a great idea. The videos are about 7 minutes. At the end of each, you’ll find 3 questions for your staff or board to discuss. I made the videos so you could cover the topics in order or select the ones relevant for your situation.

My executive pastor friend was right: leaders want help reaching and keeping their Millennials. But they also want to understand what to do now that we have 5 generations for the first time.

For all churches

The first 5 videos are for every church, large or small, multigenerational or predominantly one generation:

If You Want to Reach Millennials, Start Here

You Won’t Reach Millennials Unless You Understand the Thinking behind Their Thinking

How to Make Your Church a Place Where Millennials Stay

Every Church Has 5 Options for Ministering to the 5 Generations

How Do We Keep from Hurting the Older Generations If We Change Things to Reach the Younger Generations?

Additional videos for churches in smaller communities or those who don’t have multigenerational congregations

If your church is in a smaller community, you must figure out how you will deal with the 5 generations. This video offers straight talking, practical advice:

How Can Your Church Do Multigenerational Well?

If your church currently serves a couple of generations and doesn’t face the five generation challenge yet, you need to know what’s coming:

The Boomers May Be a Greater Challenge When They Retire than the Millennials Are Now

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Want the questions for discussion at the end of each video?

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