Special Offers

Get Haydn “On Sale”

Would you like me to do up to an hour’s worth of question and answer (or just a shout out) for your . . .

  • women’s ministry
  • small group
  • Bible study
  • book group
  • leaders training session
  • area pastors’ meeting
  • denominational conference?

I know that hiring me as a speaker or consultant, even at my deeply-discounted religious rates, is not cheap. But it’s my mission to help everyday people as well as their pastors increase their generational IQ. That way they can:

  • stop worrying that the world is now more difficult
  • start getting into the best spiritual shape of their lives
  • pass on their faith to their children
  • set up their kids to have good marriages
  • reach the Millennials and Nones
  • help Baby Boomers and Traditionalists quit complaining that their church is changing for the worse
  • and find God’s calling for the next and most exciting phase of their lives.

So that’s why I made it easy.

It’s easy. Buy the number of copies you need of
Generational IQ: Christianity Isn’t Dying, the Millennials Aren’t the Problem, and the Future Is Bright
and email a copy of the receipt to Haydn.Shaw@mygenerationalcoach.com I’ll get in touch with you about arranging for one of these four options:

Option 1: Get 10 copies and I’ll answer a question

Send me a question and I’ll email or video you an answer.

Option 2: Get 20-30 copies and I’ll record a shout-out

I will pull out my phone and record a two-minute personal greeting to your church, conference, or group. Or I can record a personal greeting and then answer two questions in six minutes. (I can record with video equipment video will cost at least 100 to do video will cost at least $100 to make. So option for will have to be a fee

Option 3: Get 50 copies and I’ll talk live

If I’m available when your group meets, I’ll jump on Skype and talk live.* If I’m not available, I’ll jump on Skype with someone from your group or conference ahead of time and record answers to your questions in a live interview format.

Option 4: Custom presentation on video
(this one’s not free, but it is less than half of the live rate and there’s no travel expense)

Want me to speak at your group but can’t afford it or the dates don’t line up? No problem, I’ll jump on the phone with you and learn what you need, customize my presentation for your group or convention, and then videotape it. You can play it for your group as if I were there in person.

Recently, I spoke to fifty parents at my home church about how to pass their faith on to their children. A woman came up afterwards and said, “I was so scared about raising my teenage daughters in this current environment. But you have given me hope: I realize now that it’s not as bad as I had thought and we can do this.”

My hope is that this book will help you and your group get smarter about your family, friends, and coworkers and become more strategic in your church or organization. But most of all, just like that mother in my session, I want Generational IQ to fill you with the hope that Christianity isn’t dying, the Millennials aren’t the problem, and the future is bright.

*Because I am out with business clients most weekdays and fly many evenings, I may not be available when your group meets. It’s more likely on Mondays, Fridays, or in the evenings.
Note: Occasionally, my employer requires last-minute schedule changes to meet client emergencies that could require me to record or reschedule.