Smart people think it’s pretty good.

Smarter with people

Angie Smith resizedGenerational IQ is one of the most thought-provoking, engaging, and useful books I have read on a topic that has never been more necessary than now. Haydn sheds light on why our generational standing affects the way we experience God and relate to others. Over and over, I found myself nodding and whispering, “Ahhh . . . now that behavior makes sense.” This profound book should be necessary reading for all believers. It has truly changed the way I will approach my ministry

–  ANGIE SMITH, author of I Will Carry You

Smarter with your family

Sherry SurrattFilled with practical application, it moves us to an understanding of the Millennial generation that will not only inform our parenting but will help us understand how they view God and the church.

–  SHERRY SURRATT, CEO and president of MOPS International