Within the last several decades, the world has shifted dramatically and we see it in our economy, in our cultural debates, and most importantly, in our families and churches. The problem is that people of faith tend to overreact to these changes fearing that Christianity is dying and the world is changing faster than we know how to respond.

Generational expert and church consultant HAYDN SHAW helps Christians relax so they can get smarter about how they handle the ten issues that are worrying them in this time of rapid change. Each generation, from the Greatest Generation to the Millennials, approaches God with a different set of questions and needs based on the time in which they grew up. Haydn walks you through these generational changes and paints a vision of hope for a bright future.

6 Reasons to Read this Book

You can’t answer ten of today’s most important questions unless you get generationally smart.

featherAll of these problems share one thing in common: they are rooted in generational differences. We read things in the news and we hear statistics thrown around, yet we often don’t know enough about the problems to know how big of a deal these differences are or what to do about them. We need intelligence to help us sort fact from terrifying fiction.

Generational Book Cover Front 3DThat’s where Generational IQ comes in. If we don’t have generational intelligence, we overreact to the small things, ignore the big things, and do the wrong things, making our relationships worse. Generational differences or what the best research says may not be your thing, but if you do care about any of these ten issues, you will want the insights and practical ideas in this book.


Generational IQ will make you smarter about the 10 issues that worry people of faith.

The Different Kinds of People Who Will Love this Book

Not Into Generational Differences

Even if you don’t care about generational differences, you’ll still love this book. I wrote Generational IQ because people of faith constantly come up to me and not want to talk about generations as much as they wanted to ask the ten questions that worry them.

If generational differences don’t interest you, just skip to chapters 7-10 on families, or chapter 11 if you wonder if Christianity is dying, or chapters 12-13 to see what your church can do to reach the younger generations while keeping the older generations growing spiritually.

Who knew that generational research offers so many practical insights into what worries you most?

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Not a Pastor

This is not a book for pastors, it’s for “everyday” people. Maybe I’ll do a book for pastors later, but this one is for regular folks who ask me the questions that keep them up at night.

Even the chapters about what churches can do to reach the different generations are written to help the people in them understand how they can help their church and their pastors. That’s why your pastor will love it and love that you are reading it.

Everyday people train station

Families & Twentysomethings

Nothing drives twenty somethings crazy more than parents and grandparents who continue to treat them like they are in junior high. But nothing confuses parents more than trying to figure out when to be a parent versus a friend.

Things are more confusing now not because the Millennials are more messed up, but because a new life stage called emerging adulthood makes the twenties more complicated.

The info in my book helps both parents and twentysomethings to relax. The topic is so important I dedicated three chapters to it. It will change your life, your communication, and your family, whether you are the parent or the emerging adult.


Not Religious

You don’t have to be religious to get smarter about religion. Maybe you read my first book, Sticking Points, and wanted to see what’s next. Maybe you see yourself as spiritual but not religious and you don’t get how less secularized (classically orthodox) Christians think. Or maybe you are a journalist or researcher looking for a summary of the best research about the generations and faith.

This book helps you better understand Christians by understanding the forces that impacted classical Christianity. You’ll also see why I think most people, including many less secularized Christians, don’t understand classic Christianity because they define it through the language of psychology rather than theology.

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Pastors & Leaders

Pastors and church leaders will find it valuable for three reasons:

  1. I avoid jargon so your people can better understand the challenges you and their church face, which can lead to more productive conversations and a growing church.
  2. I lay out the options on whether or not your church should try to reach Millennials and Gen Xers or if your church ought to grow old together and impact the younger generations in other ways.
  3. When 70 percent of our young people drop out after high school, we focus on other things because we don’t know what else to do. I offer ideas that could cut that in half.

Want to Love Like Lola

Generational intelligence doesn’t make Jesus’ key teaching to “love one another” easy, but it does make it easier. Often we miss opportunities to connect with others because our assumptions are based on our own generation’s experiences and culture.

My friend Lola learned enough about generational differences to better love her family and the people in her church from different generations. Maybe you want a better understanding so you can love others more sincerely. Maybe you are frustrated and feel critical toward other generations and need to learn to love like Lola.




HAYDN SHAW is a leading expert on helping the four generations work better together.  He has spoken to over 100,000 people in more than fifteen hundred businesses, nonprofits, and governmental organizations. He is a business consultant with FranklinCovey but does research and writing on the spiritual lives of the generations on his own. He specializes in leadership, trust, and personal productivity methodologies. He blogs about generational differences and leadership at Huffington Post.

Haydn is also an ordained minister who speaks and consultants with a handful of churches and religious organizations to help them grow. Haydn was hailed as a “leadership guru” by the Washington Post and an “expert on cultural differences at the office” by TIME. His work has been featured in Forbes and Leadership Network and the United States Air Force selected his first book Sticking Points for their 2014 recommended reading list. The father of four Millennials, Haydn lives with his Gen Xer wife, Laurie, in a multigenerational household in Illinois.

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